Rare Finds Branding

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Tasmanian gourmet food and kitchen accoutrement business Rare Finds required a brand mark for their ever-popular Huon Pine picnic planks. Run by Woodbridge locals Lizz Martin and Gilbert Fraser-Easton, Rare Finds' beautifully finished boards of Huon Pine are expertly crafted by Gilbert and sold online and at the Salamanca Market. The fragrant Huon Pine makes a perfect cheese and serving platter for any self-respecting foodie.

The required logo needed to convey a sense of rarity and uniqueness, as every piece of Huon Pine is individual. The concept of a fossilised Tasmanian fern leaf was the choice of icon for this Tasmanian brand. It needed to be simple to apply to the boards through laser etching at a small size.