Muir's Boatyard

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Talk to any yachtie and they'll recognise the Muir name (the Mures, on the other hand, are an entirely different family!). Jock Muir, famous yacht designer and builder, opened his boatyard on the waterfront in Battery Point in 1948 and went on to become Tasmanian maritime royalty. His son, John Muir, now operates the historic boatyard and has his own legacy of maritime manufacturing – having started the incredibly successful Muir winch brand at the same boatyard in 1968.

Although not an operating slipyard or wooden boatbuilding site, the area has been lovingly maintained and retains all its old charm. The logo sitting proudly on the water side of the main shed is a tribute to the original hand-painted signage, and mirrors the iconic roofline of the sheds – it also highlights the traditional wooden boat building tools typical of the era the boatyard was established (1948).

The brief for the waterside signage was 'Sydney to Hobart yachts need to be able to read it when they're coming up the river.'